Leadership Questions

You know I hear a lot of leadership challenges and have heard so many differing principles on leadership and leading over the past years from many different pastors and religious leaders, and so many it seems are either unbiblical, or taken grossly out of context. How do I define or should I say test a leadership principle, I look at the life and grace of Jesus. I recently read this on twitter “If you are a church staff member and you are worried about your feelings get off the bus now.” Wow, what a challenging and non-encouraging un grace filled statement that was, I’m sure of the 12 that followed Jesus, 1 or 2 were worried about thier feelings, but the character and attitude of pastors today is to so quickly say, “Get off the Bus” and I’ll find someone who can handle what you can’t. I have seen and experienced this first hand, and instead of doing something in the character of Jesus and mentoring someone, we as pastors just write them off and don’t do our true job as a Pastor to guide someone and help them dig deeper to find out why they have these feelings. I think too many “Pastors” today are really evangelists and apostles that are posing as “pastors” because Church-Planting is the “In” thing to do. Why don’t we as pastors start shepherding our sheep and paying attention when they have feelings and concerns instead of just kicking them out of the flock, ruining their perception of ministry or even worse God and hurting the Kingdom in the process. If God has truly called you to be a “Pastor”, act like one!


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