Hope and Peace, Awe and Wonder

Where do we go from here, a question I hear asked often in Ministry, I sometimes wonder that myself, and why are we sitting in a meeting asking each other this question instead of asking God, I pray for a time where we as a staff corporately pray for God’s will for the church, not one man praying for us, not each of us praying separately, but as a group for the future and life and direction of the bride of Christ where we happen to be. Where is the God factor in all this, where is it much more than just a manufactured program in a shiny case with a Jesus label on it. We have taken God out of the equation, added a fancy band and flashing lights and called it church, but all in all people come in and out and are only entertained, their lives are not truly changed, where is the Hope and peace that a living God offers and where is the awe and wonder of us as Christians at a might Lord and savior and not just an image of Jesus as my Homeboy or Santa Claus, or some dude up there far away in heaven waiting to hear from and speak to us, where is the image of a living being in everything we are and everywhere we are and everything we do and in all creation who desperately wants us, EACH DAY to choose Him, above all else, when Oh God when, will people gain the view of you that you are giving me, of a God who loves me and offers hope for TODAY, not just my eternity! Use me God, Use Me to Bring Hope, Peace, Awe and Wonder!


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