Lesson in Leadership

I feel like God spoke to me something on Leadership today, in the same vain of the Jesus litmus test of Leadership, I have seen so many people come and Go in my years of ministry and have heard it said, and even believed it, that when people leave that is just God pruning and the rest of us will be stronger, but today God said it’s not always me pruning, rather it’s my (whoever’s) inability to lead. I think it’s disgustingly prideful for someone to look at their track record of people being hired and fired or coming and leaving and say, well I guess it’s just not for them. Somewhere along the way, yo have to look at the only common denominator, and that’s you. If the soil is bad, I don’t care what you plant in it, it won’t survive!! Sometimes different plants will live a bit longer, but most of the time, the only things that live in bad soil are weeds. God I pray that my leaders look beyond their pride and look into their souls and find where it is that you want to work in them, and instead of looking at the people around them, deeply search their souls to see where you would have them grow to be more like you.


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