Time to Dig

I seem to talk to a lot of church leaders, attenders and staff all the time and it seems to be vary easy to get together and complain and sympathize and lick your wounds etc. So I will speak from my experience on this one, God told me a few months ago, it was “Time to Dig” So I asked myself 2 basic questions, 1-Do you Love the place you are in, Church or position, and 2-Do you invite people to come to your church. I think if the answer to either of those questions is NO, as it was for me, it’s time to dig.

I started seeking my heart insted of living in fear of being fired and said okay, If I don’t love the church or position that I am in, Why not? Is it me, is it the church or position, or is there a Holy Stirring in my heart. I began to study and grasp encouragement from the life of David, a man who was the true example of someone who gave his all where he was until God brought about the dream that He had given David in his heart. I found after seeking that God was using where I was to make me restless because something was on the horizon that would take me a step closer to the dreams He had placed in my heart. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the church, it’s a great church and doing great things for the Kingdom of God, but Satan was using my restlesness and turning it towards the church and the pastor.

The second question was this, Do I invite people to come to my church? My answer was no, some other people, staff people I have talked to have said the same, for me, the negativity towards the church based on my restlessness was causing me to not invite people to come, I have heard others that don’t invite people because they are wounded, have been offended or are even full of pride and don’t invite people in because they think they could do it better. Whatever your reason, you need to Dig and see what’s going on in your life, If you are wounded or offended, get it right, If you are restless, ask God for a peace to be content where you are until He takes you where you are going, if you are full of Pride, ask God to check you on your arrogance. Whatever reason, I want to encourage you to Dig in and seek God in your life.

I’m not saying church is the answer, I think personal evangelism is the answer, in fact I thinkk more people need to know how to personally lead people to Faith in Jesus instead of just waving thier Church flag and inviting them in because they are too scared, but that’s another post. I think once people come to know Christ, or once people come to your church and know Christ they need a place where they are cared for and loved, and if you have negative opinions about the place where community happens (The Church), then you are damaging the kigdom, so either pray up or shut up.


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