Why do Pastors Lie?

You know over my past few years in ministry I have seen a ton of things that are good and bad, some are just human and others are downright wrong. I started asking myself, do people think it’s ok to lie just because they reason away that they are protecting their flock. What it seems to come down to most of the time is that they are scared of losing people and the repercussions of telling them the truth. Some churches have become all about the leadership capacity of the pastor and not about the Holy Spirit at all, we are making churches corporations and filling them with drones (Parishoners) who mindlessly do what they are told and CEO’s (Pastors) who lie to their people to achieve the end result. I pray that churches will get back to the guts of being the living organism that it was designed by God to be. Led by the Holy Spirit and the bible and willing to tell the truth and live HOLY lives, Consecrated before Him. Please don’t misread, I am not saying all churches are bad, or all BIG churches are bad, but when the focus shifts from what God can do, to what king of leader we are and what we can do, we have lost it. We are in desperate need of a Church makeover, back to the Basics of pure raw Holy Spirit Passion! And that’s no lie!


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