The Walking Wounded

It seems like there are many churches today with Christians who are walking wounded. I see it all the time, people that come in the church, who are down and out, battered by life, beaten down b the words of others, many who do not know the good news of Jesus Christ. They come in to a place where they can be exposed to that and hear the message of the gospel, and they get excited about a God who wants to have a loving relationship with them and heal them, and even be thier friend. But so often we take them as soon as they come to knoe Christ and tell them, this is they wa it is, you have to tell everyone you know about him (be baptized) and you have to start hanging out wiht others (join a small group) and you have to start serving (ministry teams). We tell them that’s what the Christian walk is all about, and we grossly neglect the fact that these people are wounded, and they need time to let the Holy Spirit do a healing work in thier hearts and lives. I hae hears many times the Churc today being referred to as an Army, in the army, when someone comes in from the battle and they are shot, we don’t put a band aid over the bullett wound, say a quick prayer and put them ight back in the battle with thier gun! They are expected to rest, relax a little bit, HEAL, which takes time, and then when you get to where you can go back out into the battle, do so, if you are not permanently disabled. Matt. 11:28 says “come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” I think we also need to stop thinking that the church can do the healing, that’s God’s job, God says come to “ME” not come to the church. We need to give people an opportunity to fall in love with Jesus, who is the only one who can bring true heling.


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