What is your church?

Pastor’s as I was thinking today about raising up a generation for Jesus Christ, I thought about the difference between planes and space shuttles. Stay with me here, I am going somewhere with this, Planes fly in the air, and they are dependable, usually on time, and run a fairly typical route, but a space shuttle has a mission, some of them fly more than one, but they have a very specific, very important mission in mind. As we are raising up leaders and ministers, keep in mind that God has called us all with a very specific mission in mind, we all have a purpose, so what are we developing at our churches, are we helping people reach their full potential and accomplish their mission that God has called them to, or are we developing a bunch of airplanes that fly around from place to place doing the same thing, not doing much different from week to week. God has called us to equip the body of believers to do the ministry, to fulfill their God given destiny. So what is your church, a Launching Pad or a Departure gate?


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