What is an Armor Bearer?

You know I think the Bible is extremely literal in every sense of it’s being, it is living, breathing and active, recently I have been hearing a lot about an Armor Bearer.

All the occasions in the bible where an Armor bearer is mentioned, they are right next to a King or a person of royalty.(Judges 9, 1 Sam. 14,16 and 31, 2 Sam. 18 and 23 as well as 1 Chr. 10 and 11) One could assume since there are no more Kings, and or Royalty, except God himself, that there should be no more armor bearers, and in one sense I agree that we are not to put a person, Pastor, Evangelist, Apostle, Teacher, Healer etc. on the same level as royalty, but I do think that the spirit of and armor bearer is still around and very prevalent in today’s society, and I think for all intents and purposes we can call that, the spirit of “servant hood”.

There are many examples of men in the New Testament who have the spirit or armor bearer or Servant hood, Barnabas was a man who followed closely along side of Paul and taught with him, his name literally meant “Son of Encouragement” and he encouraged those he ministered to, he had the sprit of servant hood. There are also the seven appointed by the church and prayed over by the disciples to do the nitty gritty parts of ministry, not humble tasks like clipping your master’s toenails or things like that, but true servant hood, taking care of people so that the disciples could better focus on what God had called them to do. There was no level put on the status of a job, the disciples were not better than the ones called on to serve the people, they were all just gifted differently and all played their part in the body of Christ.

I think most of today’s issues with the spirit of servant hood is that people don’t truly know who God created them to be and what they are created to do. I pray that we all come into a sense of self discovery so the Body of Christ will start acting like it, if you truly have the spirit of Servant hood or armor bearer, you will not just serve one person, service will permeate your life, if you are a worshipper, worship will permeate your life, if you are a teacher, you will teach everywhere you go. I want to encourage you to seek God for what your sweet spot is, what do you do everywhere you go, that is what God has hardwired inside of you, and that is what you are made to do, use it for Him.

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


5 thoughts on “What is an Armor Bearer?

  1. So what’s the conclusion about the armor barrer? I see many godly pastor use this so called role in the body as an excuse to not get dirty or isolate themselves from the body of Christ. It was Jesus, one greater then a pastor, who spent days on end serving and healing the hurting, saying the last shall be first, and modeled servant leadership by washing the disciples feet. Not sure of your conclusion, but this mondern day teaching of armor barrers is scripturally unsound. We should all, the pastors and elders first, should take the place of servant of all.

  2. Here are my thoughts, if you truly have the spirit of Servant hood or armor bearer, you will not just serve one person, service will permeate your life, I agree that today’s teachings of an armor bearer are most often used for the very thing you mentioned and should be the last thing we teach, and as far as scripturally, I think most of today’s teachings are hanging on by a thread, Servanthood is what it’s all about

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