On a Journey

Well here we go… for those of you that have not heard, Krystal the boys and I are following God for the next step of our lives. Yesterday was our last day on staff at C3 church and today we are wrapping things up and getting ready to head to Grace Church in Kingsport, Tennessee. We are truly in awe of how God opened all the doors and provided for us along the way, we are going to be on staff with Michael Robison Please remember us in your prayers as we take this adventure with our family, we are pumped about all God has in store for us, as we work to spread His Love, and further His kingdom, not our own.

For those of you asking about the details, here they are.

I will be filling the role of Associate Pastor at Grace Church with a focus on Small Groups, Assimilation and Youth, which is basically a multi-tool role, for those of you who know me know that I fill that role very well. I am also blessed to get to use my wife’s gifts as well and Partner with Pastor Michael, his wife Allison and the Grace Church family.

I will be leaving tomorrow to head to Kingsport and Krystal and the Boys will be here for another few weeks until I get everything nailed down for the family to come.

About a year ago, God started stirring in our hearts that our time was short at C3, we didn’t know what that meant or how that would pan out, but just began praying and seeking God for what He had for us in the future. Over the past year, AMAZING things have happened in our hearts and lives to draw us closer to Him and discover the plan He has for us, not the one we have for ourselves. Through much prayer some bad decisions, and some good ones, I think God ultimately got us where he wanted spiritually and relationally, to take us on to the next step in our walk with him.

It’s not a promotion, because I don’t believe there is such a thing in God’s kingdom, no one person is greater than another, but I do feel God moves us to different territory sometimes so we can flourish, learn and draw closer to Him, and I think now is one of those times for the Bolduc family. I am thankful for the relationships we have had over the past years and know that they only served to make us better people.

So continue to pray for the Bolduc’s as we do our best to give our all to the only One who gives us Life.




3 thoughts on “On a Journey

  1. We love you guys very much and we have watched through the years as God has worked in your lives and moved you around to accomplish His will in this world. Please know that Millie and I and the entire WC family will lift you up in prayer as you turn the page and enter this new chapter in your life.

  2. Wow!
    I am so excited to see what tomorrow brings, you 4 have a great adventure ahead of you!
    With God as your pilot, the trip will be amazing!!!

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