Last Supper

  I was reading about the last supper today and looking at the example Jesus set forth as a true teacher and leader, and how he remained temperate in most every situation. When I look at who he was and the charachter He displayed, I see the model for who I need to strive to be, 

1 I can fairly well assume that He was stressed, he knew he was about   
to be betrayed and crucified, yet when He tells His disciples to go   
prepare a place for the last supper and they ask what to do, He doesn’t say, well you have been with me for three years, why should I have to tell you what to do, you should know. In true Jesus style, He showed the grace and love that we all should, because guess what leaders, if the people you are leading ask what you want, they don’t know, either you have not made it clear enough or they need further clarification, either way, we need to take some time and teach, lead and clarify. 

2 It seems interesting that when Jesus opens the disciples eyes to the fact that one of them will betray him, they very quickly stop figuring   
out who it’s going to be and instead revert to being prideful and start talking about who will be greatest, (Okay, so Jesus just told me me one uf us will betray and ultimately crucify him, so let’s aregue about who’s the greates, what am I thinking) and once again, Jesus sits these Boneheads down and teaches them that you are NOT to lord authority over anyone, and whoever wants to be greatest must be a servant.

Another time not to get angry or frustrated, but to teach. 

3 Jesus is telling more detail on what is about to happen and tells   
Peter he will deny him 3 times, what does Peter do, he wells up with   
pride and tells Jesus that he won’t, only later to be proven terribly   
wrong and be shown again that God is in control 

So I was challenged personally as a leader and pastor that guess what, my life of leading will most often be spent teaching others and learning from others myself, as a leader, I am called to show others the way, Paul says follow me as I follow Christ, and as a Pastor I am called to teach and serve, and who gives a rip how stressed out you are, you can take the time to show Christ’s love grace, and instruction, cause it may be bad, but at least you’re not about to be crucified!

Luke 22: 1-38 


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