Healthy Church

Sent out a Question the Other day, wanted to share with you some of the responses I got.
The Question was: How would you describe a HEALTHY church, what does it look like?
-Filled with wonderful people who are so amazing and loving! A very true blessing!
-Regular pattern of salvation, discipleship, service, and authentic worship of the Lord.
-Humbled people aware of their sin, being forgiven and loved in the name of God, and loving others in gratitude for the love they’ve been given.
-People who don’t live within the church and understand God’s vision and refresh themselves on it daily. It doesn’t have to LOOK a certain way. It just has to know and understand God’s vision for it.
-A church that reaches all people’s needs whether married or single, poor or rich…
-A healthy church is living the great commision and it is growing. building the Kingdom.
-A church that is willing to do anything to reach the lost and hurting especially if it means being unconventional!!!
-One that is open to guiding new believers, supportive, passionate, filled with compassion, ever changing to fulfill God’s will.
-A healthy church is a growing church – a growing church bears fruit – spiritual fruit is defined in Galations 5 – first one the list is LOVE – love is defined in 1st corinthian 13 – get these two chapters down and then we’ll move on to something else – 🙂
-One where the staff doesn’t try to hide problems or situations but is open with each other so those problems can be solved. One where there it is not one person whose sole purpose is to run the church. It is God’s house. It will work out if He is there. One where many people’s ideas are valuable and implemented not just one person’s ideas.
-A church that doesnt burn its staff out working them to death. Then tosses them out like an old football!!! God made the family before he made the church!!
-When its members work together,that makes healthy christians and that bring more ppl to christ and that grows its membership in the church.
I have been reading the book of Acts lately, through the first 4 chapters, and the few things I notice are that 1, there were miracles that happened, 2, the church members shared their possesions and provided for those in need, and 3, it was a growing church.
So what do you think,  How would you describe a HEALTHY church?

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