Don’t be a Prick!

Time to get down to life and leadership, I hope you guys  enjoy this   
blog, life and ministry is raw and the devil is going to come against   
us with all he has, so some posts on this blog are going to be raw as   
well, so here we go.


I learned something a few days ago, I learned a lesson in biblical   
confrontation, Matthew 18 so to speak, but I learned it from another   
pastor, what I learned from him was the WRONG way to confront someone you   
have an offense against.


Just to give you some detail but not too much, I received a call from   
a pastor who basically called me a liar and rebuked me on the phone. I   
am usually one who can handle a rebuke well if I am in the wrong, but in this case I wasn’t, and
when someone is making an assumption based on one sided information   
and follows it up with a phone call and accusations, that is bad news. 
I’ve learned that there are 3 sides to every story, the 2 sides of either   
party, and the truth, and before making rash assumptions or   
accusations to someone you think you might have an offense with, it’s   
best to hear both sides of the story and then maybe, here’s a novel   
idea, how about we pray about how God would have us approach this.   
Don’t get me wrong I believe in the teachings of Matthew 18, but I   
beleive they should be done in the loving and grace filled spirit that   
Jesus has, not our own angry flesh, we will fail every time when we go   
that route.


So biblical confrontation, yes, but pastors please, let’s do our best   
to be biblical, we are after all representatives of Christ, so don’t   
be a prick!



2 thoughts on “Don’t be a Prick!

  1. I like it very much….. wow, how easily we can fall into the trappings & become delusionary grandiose! thanks for giving me something to think about 🙂

  2. Is this really gaining ground in the kingdom?

    Never forget, you were a youth pastor first. No matter where life takes you – you will always be someone’s youth pastor. And considering you oversaw a youth group who has been hurt so many times, one would assume you would choose you words more carefully. But, I guess we know what assuming does.

    This pastors (whose identity you’ve done a horrendous job of disguising) tactics for confronting you were less the than perfect, at least thats your claim. But, did you think that this post was some how – better? Something like this – probably would have been better handled between you and God – not by blogging.

    Honestly, Im disappointed. Take it from someone who had a tremendous amount of respect for you and your family – the respect has diminished.

    Do not try to guess who wrote this – cause you’ll never get it. I promise.

    I still pray that you change the world, and that God has his hand on your life. I pray for blessing to shower Krystal, Bryton, and Ethan. I pray that the words in this blog do not reach the ones you impacted. The last thing they need is to have someone else crush their hearts.

    God Bless.

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