Point the Finger

Hebrews 4:12- “For the word of God is living and powerful…and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of a heart.”

Have you ever felt like you were under attack  and you felt bad, but not the conviction type of bad, more of the fear and condemnation type of bad?

I have come across this scripture many times in the past and it has always been an encouragement to me, but as a leader, I am learning the difference between motivation, (urging people to be better based on biblical principle), and manipulation, (making people do what I want for my purposes and for my vision and using the bible as my backup if I need to).

I have to be extremely cautious as a leader to not manipulate people based on my desires and not to point the finger when I am feeling conviction. It’s too easy when you see or feel something wrong in you to immediately look at others, that is called pride, and not dealing with your issues to make a better you and follower of Christ is usually a result of insecurity.

If I ever have a question about if something is conviction from the Holy Spirit or condemnation based on mans opinion, all I have to do is go to Gods word, it is a discerned not only of my thoughts and intentions, but of others as well. Trust that God will help me not point the finger and blame others, but to pray that the Holy Spirit and God’s word will discern for me.



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