The best laid plans…

You know I have heard this many times before, “Where there is no vision the people perish” I’m sure you have heard this before as well, as I was thinking and planning for 2010 at Grace Church, I decided to actually find where that verse was and study it a bit, I’m finding as most of you probably already have, that some things that are just embedded in my mind from my youth are a skewed version of what the scripture actually means.

What I originally thought this scripture meant was, basically, if you don’t have a vision for your life you are going to die or at least slowly fade away, but the more I studied it, I found that it’s actually talking about learning the bible and getting a personal revelation from God, about His law.

This Proverb (Proverbs 29:18) is sharing more about being blessed by knowing and keeping God’s law, which I found rather ironic, as I didn’t know the full meaning of what God’s word actually said on this occasion. I want to encourage anyone who is reading this, it’s not enough to hear other people talk about loving God and having a relationship with Him, you have to have a personal relationship with Him yourself, and a HUGE part of that comes by knowing what His word says.

I heard a preacher the other day say that you can’t love my wife just by hearing me talk about her, you may like the thought of it, but can’t fully experience the love unless you take it upon yourself to build that intimacy.

Bottom Line: What I thought I knew, I really didn’t, and as I was seeking “Vision” for my life, I was reminded by God that His Vision for my life will only come through the looking glass of His word. And even through my ignorance God spoke to me and reminded me that His vision for me in 2010 is simply to grow closer to Him by knowing His word, I pray you do the same.



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