You know as we have been on this journey with Christ over the past few months, moving from one church to another, moving from having the title of Youth Minister to having the title of Associate Pastor, numerous people have come up to me to congratulate me on my “promotion” and as I was thinking and talking with my wife, there is really no such thing as a promotion in the Kingdom of God.

When I look at stories in the bible, Moses was not any better than Joshua, David wasn’t any better than Saul, and when Judas had to be replaced, Matthias who was called to fill his shoes didn’t get promoted, he just got called to do something different for a certain period of time.

Too many people are too caught up in the Megachurch Corporation mentality of moving from church to church for whoever pays the best and climbing up the corporate church ladder of success. That seems less like you are obeying or listening to God’s calling on your life, and more like you are prostituting the gifts he has given you to the highest paying customer.

I think God has given me a new visual picture of maturity in ministry and in Him, not that of going to a higher level or getting promoted, but moving on to a different location or area, where what God has called me to do can be fulfilled through “where” I am, not how “high” I can get.  That seems like a worldly mentality.

So promoted, No, not really, I have answered the High calling of following Christ, and wherever that takes me, I want to always look for “Where” God wants me to be, to use my Gifts for His Glory.


2 thoughts on “Promoted?

  1. Cory, I think you have certainly “hit the nail on the head.” Think what we ALL could do for God’s Kingdom if we could get on this track. You are leading by example and I want to follow your example. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Study the differences between a “hireling” and a “true shepherd” and you will be appalled by what you find…Also if you look at the life of John the Baptist, Jesus who was THE TRUE SHEPHERD, who gave HIS life for us; by our church standards they both would be considered failures. WOW let me be a failure for the KING. Numbers don’t equate to Health, growing in the knowledge of the Jesus Christ does. Gal 2:20

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