Where is Jesus?

It breaks my heart sometimes, to see people all over the United States falling into the trap and the mentality without even knowing it, that “Church” is all about the crowd. I see churches all over that seem to get more excited about a high attendance weekend than actual life change.

Now don’t get me wrong, last week when we had a High attendance week at Grace, I was pumped, I left flying high, but as soon as I did, God put a check in my spirit, It’s almost like we are so consumed with attracting a crowd that we can forget about True Discipleship. Needless to say in any and every situation, I always look to Jesus to see what He did. How did Jesus do discipleship and that’s my example.

Jesus did discipleship one on one, or at most 12 on one and even one of Jesus’ disciples was a traitor and a screw up, so why should we expect that when we try to disciple others it to be any different, we need to know that we cannot strive for perfection while discipling people, because it’s unattainable.

But back to the question, “Where is Jesus” in today’s church, what do people leave your church talking about, people can go to a U2 concert and have a spiritual experience, but do they leave talking about Jesus, no, they leave talking about a great concert and great music and a great show, but no Jesus.

I pray that as churches we continue to be all about Jesus and not the crowd, if so, we’ll be looking back at where we veered off course and look at our churches and ask the question, “Where is Jesus?”



One thought on “Where is Jesus?

  1. WOW – You are so right. We talked about this just yesterday at church. We are having our monthly visitation night tonight. It is good to get out and reach people but reach them for the right reasons. Well…I guess I should say the right REASON. There is only one and that is Jesus. You and your family are in my prayers. I know that God has put you where you need to be and I praise Him for it.

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