Passion Vs. Action

I hear all the time about people talking about Passion, and increasing your passion and how you can’t fake passion.

Today as I was thinking about that, I though about how wrong that was, Jesus’ life was not based on how much passion He had, it was based on action. Trust me, people can fake passion, I have seen it and done it on occasion, but what you can’t fake is action. When action is a part of your life people SEE it coming out of you, because it’s literally what you are doing.

So again, back to Jesus, His life was one of action, he didn’t just go around telling people how passionate he was about healing the sick and raising up leaders,  and challenging pharisees with the words of God, he actually did it, and people who followed him did it as well.

Jesus didn’t live a life that was passionate, he lived a life full of Action, and flipped the world, especially the religious world upside down.


4 thoughts on “Passion Vs. Action

  1. I agree. This is something that is interesting to think about. I too have been guilty of faking passion, and the reason people do that is usually to try and impress the people around us. Passion is good when coming from a heart that is totally in love with Jesus, but that excitement should always point to Jesus, not ourselves. I think it’s impossible to be passionate 100% of the time because passion by definition is an emotion.

    In our discipleship of people, we should not teach them that they “should be passionate.” That will lead to faking it. Instead we should teach them to pursue a love relationship with Jesus, and that will result in real passion and action. Also, we should take note that passion is not listed as a fruit of the Spirit, so if you’re not feeling very passionate, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    Also, passion doesn’t always have to look a certain way physically, charismatic or like a spiritual cheerleader in church services. I know some very passionate people who aren’t the first people to speak out, are very calm, quiet and self-controlled. And to leaders: “modeling” passion to the people in church shouldn’t only be in the way we lift our hands in worship or the amount of cheering and amens we can force out of a crowd of people, but in the way we serve the poor and hurting, and in the action that naturally flows out of a love relationship with Jesus.

    I admit that I have gotten off track in this area. Thanks Cory for this challenging thought.

  2. You are correct Jesus didn’t talk about passion. His passion for humanity was on display not just by the miracles he performed but by him coming in the form of a human. Whenever a person is passionate it will manifest in some form of action. I guess action is the fruit of passion. The thing here to remember is God has given each a specific calling. Our passion usually is a clue about the type of calling God has put on our life. In the ministry that I am called too sometimes I don’t feel the passion but because I know I am called I can put one foot in front of the other and complete the task God has assigned to me for that day.

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