Morality vs. Sanctification

I posted the question a few days ago on what do you think the difference is between morality and sanctification, not many people seemed to want to touch it. As I have been reading through God’s word certain things have been jumping out at me, not new revelation, just newly revealed to me, I think today some churches teach the idea of morality when what we should be doing is teaching sanctification.

Now let me be clear, I think it’s extremely important to have morals and be “good people” but unless we come to a grasp that we are fallen sinful people, we will never be able to experience God’s grace, because we will never come to the realization that we need it. Morality says if you do good things and behave well and discipline yourself, you will not need to repent. Morality sets a very low bar for personal standards, but sanctification says, I am in a constant state of repentance and confession to God because I want to obey him, but know that my flesh is sinful, and only am still alive because of God’s grace.

Morality is based on what you can do!

Sanctification is accepting what God has done!


One thought on “Morality vs. Sanctification

  1. AMEN! The key is allowing God to be God. He has already offered us full forgiveness and redemption. We have to choose to walk in that, believe in that and rejoice in that. Until we do the free gifts that God has provided to us lie on the other side of our “man-made” barrier of pride. We have to constantly ask ourselves where is my barrier and how am I going to repent and grow?

    Great post bro!

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