What are you Full of?

I check out a ton of Blogs, and I think Blogs themselves are a glimpse into a persons life and soul a little bit, I really think Blogs are what comes out of the overflow of people, so that begs the question, what are you full of?

I see so many blogs that are self promoting or church promotion, and not to be super critical, maybe that’s all your blog is for, but if you never post anything that is edifying to anyone or challenging to anyone, what are you full of? Promotion, Self-Absorption, Jesus, Leadership, Challenges, Zeal??

I love blogs that challenge me and even sting a little bit and I love blogs that are real, because Jesus was real, when he saw the money changers in the temple, he didn’t shrink back out of fear of what people might think and send them a nice letter asking them to stop ripping people off at His daddy’s house, he was so full of Zeal for the house of God that he started flipping temple tables.

I think until we become a church who is less concerned with Networking and more concerned with being full of Jesus and his word, the “crap” that we are full of is going to come out and overflow on to people and we will become just another media outlet trying to make money.

When we are full of Christ, our overflow will be the Fruits of the Spirit, and the unending Love of Christ!



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