Who wants a Miracle?

I have been reading a book about daily dependence on God, and I came across a statement today that struck me right to the core, it said “Everyone wants a miracle in their life, but no one wants to be the leper or the crippled man”

How often do I personally seek God for the overflowing blessings in my life, or for the miracles for my family, but forget that the character of God  is sometimes revealed by healing someone who is crippled. Instead of praying for miracles, maybe I should take some time to focus on the fact that God is providing for me daily.

The story about the Israelites following Moses is one of daily miracles, God delivered them Manna on a daily basis, but how often do we forget the daily provision and think that God won’t provide for us tomorrow, so we stockpile and make up our own Plan B to provide just in case God doesn’t come through.

My prayer today is that we continue to realize the need for a daily dependence on God for everything and that starts with asking a few questions.

Is God really there – Do you truly believe God is there and wants to provide for you?

What keeps me safe – Is it God’s provision for me or my other man made securities.

Is enough for today enough for me? – Are we willing to live in scarcity if God leads us?

Do I want entertainment or transformation? – Am I a spectator, or someone who desperately needs a miracle from God?



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