Valuable and Non Valuable People

Random thought for today, there have been many people in my life that have affected me in various ways, some positive, some negative, but I notice in all seasons of life there are times where God has you around certain people and times he doesn’t. I was thinking back today on some of the people that were in my life and they all kind of fell into a few categories:

Some were good people but that made and impact but maybe for some reason we left on bad terms, maybe they were in the wrong or I, but I feel like if I never spoke to them again I would be missing out, I have sought these people out, these are ones I see as true Life Giving people.

Some were good people and we parted on good terms, but I felt like if I never talked to those people again, I wouldn’t be missing out on much.

Some were a collection of both, but it got me thinking, what kind of person am I, do I matter in peoples lives, and it takes me back to how Jesus did ministry and I try me best to live by this powerful reflection of the life of Jesus, that no one was more important to Jesus than the person that was in front of Him NOW!

We live lives of with a skewed realization that we have to be bust to be important and be here and go there and we fail to pay attention to the people that God has put right in front of us NOW, that’s where real ministry happens, not from a book or from a blog, or even from a pulpit, but face to face, with TRUTH of God’s word, and with the ones He has placed in my life NOW.



One thought on “Valuable and Non Valuable People

  1. Its all a tapestry of God’s hands. And so is our life now. God impacts others through us, for His glory and as a part of His plan, knowingly and unknowingly. So follow the leadings of the HS, whether it’s a blog or a face to face meeting. You never know the grand plan of God…. That’s why He’s God, b/c He knows the “whys”.

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