UFC Faith

I was reading this morning in Acts 19 and came across an interesting story about the Seven sons of Sceva. Read it by clicking Here I was watching UFC the other night which is one of my favorite sports and I saw a cool correlation between the two. You can see sometimes in a fighter when they are confident and when they are not, now there is also a big difference between confidence and cockiness. I think cockiness is a result of selfishness, but confidence comes from training and knowing how to do something. I have watched many fighters get a few good hits in and get cocky, and forget their training and all of a sudden in their cockiness they end up getting their butt kicked, but I have also seen fighters get a few good hits in, remain level headed, and remember what they were trained to do, and what will truly make them a champion, and they stay very focused and usually end up finishing and winning the fight.

I think this is possibly where the Seven sons went wrong and where we can too at times. They were living on someone elses faith or they were making assumptions on what they could do based on what they have seen others do instead of training to get the power themselves.

I see so many Christians today that have no power, that are just living on their parents faith and walk around with this cocky holier than thou attitude towards people who are not Christians, I think that’s a telling sign that you are cocky, and maybe living on someone elses faith, a good fighter, or Christian, takes time to train, get into God’s word, Pray, and they know that when they need it, they can go back to their training so they don’t end up getting their butts kicked like the Seven Sons.

So take time to train, Pray, Study God’s word, and be confident in the power of your father in heaven, because we are in a battle, and the power we can gain by training with our heavenly father is so much greater than anything our enemy can come at us with, so be strong, training, and have a UFC style Faith.


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