Jesus didn’t feed 5000

You know I was thinking today about Jesus and feeding the 5000 people and how we as churched get amazingly consumed sometimes with either one or the other and where we need to have a balance between the two aspects of this miracle.

I actuality Jesus didn’t feed the 5000, the disciples did, jesus was the one who preformed the miracle and multiplied the food, but the disciples were the ones who actually did the work, so there were 2 things that happened here:

1: The disciples did the work, I have been in many churches that were so focused on the miracle, that the missed the fact that they needed to get off their butts and make things happen wit a little hard work, If the disciples hadn’t handed out the food, these piles of miracle would have very soon started smelling bad. So yes, God is the Only One with miracle power, but we need to do our part as well.

2: Jesus did the miraculous! I have also been involved in churches where this is missing, God is no longer looked to for the miraculous, we begin to be so self sufficient that we take the miraculous power away from God and begin to provide ourselves. All in all, the disciples could have feed 5000 if they had the food to do it, if someone had the money to buy all the food, they would have gotten the credit instead of Jesus.

The thought for the day is that we need a balance of being willing to do the work that God wants us to do, but don’t become so “Wise” in our own eyes and think we can provide it all. There is a difference in being a good steward of what God has given you and building a dependence on what God has provided and putting your faith in that instead of Him!


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