My God is BIGGER than yours!

It pains me sometimes when I see prayer requests like this one “_________ is dying of cancer, I pray that they don’t feel much pain and go in peace”  I think God often times answers very clear in his word what His will is, and He gave us is word to find his will, to test our actions and thoughts against His word.

Sometimes though, myself included, we pray very weak prayers, maybe it’s because we don’t know what God’s will is for that situation, or maybe it’s because we really don’t believe we have a BIG God who spoke created things into existence, how easy it is to get into our routine, even in ministry of “doing ministry” and reading my bible because I have to, because it’s what I’m supposed to do. Moments like this morning reminds me, out of nowhere that my God is amazing and huge and all sufficient, my God is BIGGER than anything I can face in this life, and sometimes I may face trials, in fact if I don’t face trials I need to check my lifestyle and see if I’m actually making a difference. But when I do, I can know that God is Bigger and through anything, life, death, pain, prosperity, gain or loss, that I can glorify Him, through it all, because my God is BIGGER! Period.


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