I don’t know where I’m going…

This morning as I woke up and was going back upstairs, my little one was walking around with me, and for some reason he told me to stop, and he got in front of me, it didn’t take long until he was looking back to see where I was going, and not sure if I was following or not. I thought about the different styles of leadership I have used and been under in my life and it basically boils down to what voice is your leader, or you as a leader taking your cues from.

I like to read books, but just because Bill Hybels, or Mark Batterson are finding success with something doesn’t mean that’s what God want’s for the church and the people I am leading. I like to network and talk to people and get ideas, but just because the Mega-Church Pastors I talk to are doing it, doesn’t mean it’s going to magically make my church a Mega-Church. I think sometimes, as pastors, we can get so caught up listening to the voice of other people or books, that the raw vision that God gave us for our lives can get lost, and even if we do end up with a mega church, if it’s like every other cookie cutter church out there and it’s not what God wants for us, we will be left wondering how we got so far away from what we once felt like God was telling us to do.

Paul urges those he is leading in the NT to “follow me as I follow Christ”  When I am listening to God’s voice, my confidence lies in Him and there is no need to look back to see where others are going, because I know where God wants me to go.


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