2009 Reflections

As I look  back at 2009, It all seems like it went so fast, but thinking about some things God taught me this year, I wanted to reflect on them. Here are some of the things I prayed for in 2009 and how God answered my prayers.

I prayed for Patience, so God let me wait over a year for his perfect answer.

I prayed for deliverance for my son, and God gave me longsuffering for myself and increased my love for my son.

I prayed for closeness and unity with my wife, God took us through fires to learn how to protect each other.

I prayed for God to enlighten someone else’s wrongdoing, God worked in my heart (and is still working) to give them grace.

I prayed for closeness with my church family, God removed me from one and gave me the task to start building another.

I prayed for God to grow me as a leader, he gave me battles to fight.

I prayed for integrity, and mine was challenged and attacked.

It’s amazing to see, how throughout 2009, through the yelling, tears, grief and joys, that God works all things together for Good for those who first Love Him, and second are called according to his purpose.


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