Prideful Church

Today’s thought is based on 2 Peter 2 verse 10-15. This verse is talking about false teachers but I can’t help but be introspective to myself and others in leadership of the church, we live in a culture where pride and bragging are a good thing and humility is seen as weakness and I have seen that respect begin to creep into the church. We have tests for personality types to see who would be good where and we evaluate people based on what they can do rather than who God created them to be. I can’t help but think of John 17:16 “They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world” Why not focus on spiritual gifts and fruits of the spirit instead of DISC’s and Sanguine vs. Melancholy. Why boast about what church is the greatest, biggest or fastest growing, I understand that growing things are healthy, but I also don’t want to help lead a church where the growth springs up in rocky soil that is not worked and cultivated and only lasts a short time. I guess when I get to heaven I would rather say to Christ, I helped inspire and strengthen 30 solid children of Christ instead of I had the fastest growing church in Tennessee, but many of them really didn’t know you. I am not a big church hater, we are positioning ourselves for growth here at Grace, I just believe it’s our job to seek God and set forth a structure for personal spiritual growth, not just church growth.


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