Unleash Session 1 – Perry Noble

Sometimes parents won’t let their kids do something because they don’t have the guts to do it.

Don’t let your fears hold the next generation back.

If we don’t jump, the next generation will.

If church leaders we really want to reach this world, we have to push past uncomfortable situations and JUMP!

Joshua chapters 1-6

4 Factors from Joshua

  1. Desperation Factor – Joshua 5:1-3
    1. God asked Joshua to circumcise all the men. Why didn’t God let them get circumcised on the safe side of the Jordan, instead he took them to a place where they were vulnerable and then told them to circumcise themselves. He wanted to do that so that they would be desperate for him, that without His provision, they would be DEAD! When is the last time you were desperate for God? It doesn’t matter what people in the church want, they didn’t die for the church. If you are following God, your back will always be against the wall financially. Without faith it is impossible to please God
  2. Sacrifice Factor –
    1. Everybody loved the idea of progress but has a problem with sacrifice. If we want to get to where God wants us to go, He has to take us to a place where we are vulnerable.
    2. 2 things we have to sacrifice –
      1. i.     Comforts – sometimes our comforts will cause us to slip, our comforts can cause us to fall. Too many churches would rather have people come back every week than to see their lives change, we are more concerned with attendance than repentance. God might want to disturb people during your church service. The church has to be comfortable with someone being lost!!
      2. ii.     Conformity – Why would you conform to something that is dying, do what God has called you to do. Many churches are trying to do church to impress other pastors. If you are truly missional, you don’t have to tell anyone.
  3. Recognition Factor – Joshua 5:13-15
    1. We have a lot of church leaders who don’t even recognize Jesus. Joshua would have never talked to Jesus like that if he would have recognized Him, are we building God’s church, or are we asking Him to build our church?
  4. Strategy Factor – Joshua 6:1-
    1. One size fits all is a lie!! We all want the one size fits all strategy. Some strategies might work for some people but won’t work for everyone. We listen to consultants who have never done what they are telling us to do. Here is the strategy – Listen to God, and do what he says. He often sees what we don’t that’s why we need to listen to Him. Right before you see the miracle, you are probably going to have to work the hardest. Vision comes first, then Strategy. If you can fully explain all that’s going on in your church, God’s probably not in it.

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