Unleash Session 2 – Perry Noble

Acts 14: 8-23

Every week Pastor, you get hit in the head with a rock!

The rocks are going to come – what do you do when they show up.

Be careful of the crowd, those that deify will also crucify.

Why did they only stone Paul? They drug him out of the city thinking he was dead.

1. Awareness

  • Many times we make mistakes that are simply the result of being unaware. When the devil wants to stop a movement, he will always come after the leader.
  • 3 rocks that you have to be aware of.
  • Distraction – Never get distracted with any agenda other than Jesus.
  • Deception – You don’t have to do everything! The bible calls those who will not work lazy, it calls the ones who will not rest disobedient. How is your wife–Do you have a date night? How are your kids? Do they get your attention? Are you your kids mentor? The pastors marriage is the most important one in the church.
  • Discouragement – When you are done preaching, the “Normal” people go home. Listen to your coaches not your critics, coaches want to make you better, critics don’t care. Listen to those who know what it is to pay the price.

2. Unity

  • Huge misunderstandings happen when we aren’t clear, Pastors need to be a man worth rallying around. How do we do that?
  • Lead with Integrity.
  • Don’t lead with guilt or intimidation.
  • Lead with sexual purity.
  • Get big vision from God.
  • Listen to your staff – Ask your staff what they think.
  • Keep short accounts – resolve problems quickly.
  • Make expectations clear – you can’t hold people accountable for unspoken expectations.
  • Honor their time.

3. Passion – Acts 14:19-

  • After the disciples had gathered around him… he got up.
  • If you can’t support the pastor, get off the team, if he is being disobedient to God, God will cut him down.
  • When the pastors leadership will gather around him, he can get up from ANY rock that is thrown at him.

Who is standing around you pastor?


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