Producers vs. Promoters

You know, I noticed something at the gym the other day that really made me thing, I saw two guys at the gym, one was big, naturally muscular, didn’t look like he really worked at his physique much, actually looked a bit like he drunk to much beer, but Big nonetheless, as he walked around, he mostly yucked it up with others he knew, used improper for as he did lat pull down’s, not hard to miss when you look like you are trying to take off using your arms as wings, and he made a lot of noise like he was really over exerting himself. So I took the liberty of deeming this guy as a Promoter.

On the other hand, I noticed another gentleman who was rather large in build, small in height, but looked very strong overall, you could tell even with a short sleeve shirt on that this guy had put some time into his physique. I don’t think he made a single noise or talked to anyone while he was there, but there were about 5 of us in the gym who noticed something. This guy was working out his legs and when it came time to do squats, he loaded up the bar with 10, I repeat 10, 45lb plates, now with the bar that averages out to 495 pounds, an amazing feat for anyone, no matter what your size. So I labeled this guy as a Producer.

Here is what I learned.

The Promoter was a bit obnoxious and annoying, he was born with what he had, and never really seemed to put too much into how he looked, trust me, when you lift for a while you can tell a difference. I found myself looking away from what he was doing and just because of his actions, not on purpose for him, but I found myself wanting to ignore him, wanting to look away. I’ve heard a saying in life that goes like this, “When everything is Loud, nothing is” I think if we walk around talking about ourselves and our accomplishments all the time people will fail to listen, if we as Christians or churches have to talk up how great our church is and what God has done through us, first of all I think we have a Pride issue, but second of all it’s probably less that God is doing something supernatural and some level of our success is due to our natural gifts. Many of us have natural talents that can get us far, but if we are constantly promoting, I wonder where the supernatural is in that, seems more like Super Marketing to me.

The Producer walked around very quiet, took his time doing his lifts, and took precautions using the proper equipment so he would not get hurt. He methodically wrapped his knees and made sure his belt fit just right, and when he stepped up to lift the weight, he didn’t have to promote, he didn’t have to say anything, he didn’t yell and scream to get attention, but all 5 of us in the gym stopped, and looked to see what he was doing.  I think it can be like that in our own lives as Christians and Churches, when something out of the ordinary is really happening in our lives and at our churches, we won’t have to tell people about it, we won’t have to send out a mailer, get a commercial or place a magazine add, people will notice and word will get out because it’s supernatural, it’s freak, it’s extraordinary.

Two things I think that will take are Humility, letting God do what only He can do through us, and being about making him famous, and Discipline, we have to be willing to put in time and effort to seek God, Listen to God, and do what we feel Him calling us to do, even if it’s uncomfortable, or if it hurts. And then, and only then will the results will be evident in our lives that God has done something supernatural, and they will be able to say of us like the disciples.

Acts 4:13b “they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”


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