God doesn’t give a rip about your church!

We were talking last night in kind of a roundtable discussion with some leaders and new attenders at Grace Church and something was said that just resonated in me.

What was said that we are not here to wave the flag of Grace church, because it’s not about Grace Church, if 250 people come to know Christ and Grace Church doesn’t grow in attendance, we have done our Job, because it’s about making Jesus famous, not Grace Church.

I have heard all the reasons that church growth is important, and I am not denying that it’s a positive thing, but I think sometimes we can get too consumed in the methods that we employ to make the church grow, and forget the real message and the result being…Changed Lives. It’s about people that are headed to heaven, instead of hell, and not just saying a prayer, but walking with and pointing them in the right direction!

Paul didn’t say, you said the sinners prayer, good job, here’s a bible, go for it…he said, follow me as I follow Christ.

If we are telling people more about our church than we are about Christ, we are missing the mark!



5 thoughts on “God doesn’t give a rip about your church!

  1. Amen brother! We are the Church, the body of Christ, and we need to be living it out, not just talkin about it! It’s not about the building, it’s about the souls being saved and growing closer and closer to our incredible and amazing LORD and Savior 😀

  2. I was listening to podcasts last night of past sermons and Michael touched on this in one. Now you mention it as well. I’ve been so happy with the home I’ve found in Grace Church that has been the catalyst for me to really prioritize my relationship with God as the most important thing in life that I have been guilty of promoting the church more than promoting Jesus, myself. I love the fact God works through people to straighten this sort of thing out.

  3. Bro….I am grateful to walk with and serve with a man who “gets it”. Thanks for working to help build the Kingdom and not an empire. This church, Grace Church, is not ours and if we emphasize it over the Gospel, we are going to have a lot to answer for one day. Bro, you’re the man!

  4. Do we invite folks to church because we are proud of our church or what Christ is doing in and with it? Grace is pretty amazing but what God has done through that ministry is more amazing. When we do things for his glory instead of ours it seems that Churches grow the right way. Just a thought.

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