God’s NOT fair!!

Throughout Life, I have talked to many people, some christian, some non christian and I hear alot of times people get upset because God doesn’t seem to be fair.

When I look at life to see what is fair, I see many systems put in place by humans to keep things fair: we have referees who are supposed to go by the rules so everything is fair, we have judges to interpret the law and make a fair ruling in certain cases, young tee ball teams and soccer teams don’t have winners and losers because it’s not fair, we grade on curves, we have handicaps in sports because everything HAS to be fair.

And as I was thinking about it the other day, they are right, God is not fair, because fairness takes into account rules that we make up. But what God is, is Just, he judges based on a system he has put in place to establish justice and redemption, His system is not based on my preformance, only my willingness to accept a gift from him.

I don’t know about you, but fairness seems pretty weak in comparison.


2 thoughts on “God’s NOT fair!!

  1. Great post. Fairness is a condition created by humans so that we can justify our own emotions. People think things are fair only if they serve their own interests.

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