Leadership Dont’s Part 1

There are a few things I have learned about leadership over the past few years, tons of principles that I have worked to put into practice to help be a better leader, but there are also some things I have done, or have had done to me, that as a leader I will strive to put into NON-Practice, here are a few.

1 – NEVER be late to a meeting: no matter who it’s with, it doesn’t matter how busy you are, your time is no more important than the persons you are meeting with, no matter your title.

2 – Don’t make empty promises: If you can’t deliver, or don’t know if you can, say I don’t know, it’s amazingly damaging to your integrity when your talk is bigger than your walk.

3 – Don’t RULE: Remember, you are a leader, not a King, people are not where they are because you are where you are, we are all here because God placed us here for such a time as this.

4 – Don’t Undercut the price others are paying: I have heard it said many times that you will never know the price that was paid to give you what you have…that’s right, they won’t, so stop trying to guilt people into thinking you are God because you paid the price, if you tout your calling it shows a gross lack of humility.

5 – Don’t Micromanage: Leading is about guiding others and helping them get the task completed, not telling them how to get from point A to B and getting mad when they don’t do it exactly your way. I don’t care if it’s “Flow” or “Our Way” or “How we do things” If God wanted me to do it, he would have put me in their shoes, if I’m micromanaging, most likely I’m insecure in my own management skills therefore don’t feel like I can trust others.


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