Leadership Dont’s Part 2

There are a few things I have learned about leadership over the past few years, tons of principles that I have worked to put into practice to help be a better leader, but there are also some things I have done, or have had done to me, that as a leader I will strive to put into NON-Practice, here are a few. – Part 2

6 – Don’t check your phone or text during a meeting or interview: If the person is not important enough to turn your phone off for, why are you having the meeting. Checking your phone non-verbally says, I don’t respect you enough to give you my full attention.

7 – Don’t  disrespect others feelings: You are not necessarily responsible for the way someone feels, but as leaders, we are to help others understand why they feel the way they do, and address the issue if there is one.

8 – Don’t blame others: If you make a decision, or are supporting a decision by someone else and get pushback, don’t blame another person or pastor or leader to take the heat off of yourself, that makes you a coward. If you truly don’t support a decision made by someone, don’t agree to implement it until you hash it out, understand, and agree.

9 – Don’t run your mouth: If you have a problem or an issue with someone, tell THEM, not everyone else. Good leaders address situations quickly and effectively, head on. If you tell 2 or 3 other people about a problem you have with someone else, it blindsides the person and causes more conflict. If you have a problem but you don’t have the fortitude to talk about it, then shut up and move on.

10 – Don’t be lazy: Good leaders take initiative to get things done, if a leader can’t accomplish simple tasks, there is no way they can accomplish big ones. Take initiative to get things done without being told, it helps maximize the resources in God’s kingdom, and it makes you more valuable.

11 – Don’t hold a position just to hold it: If you are not a right fit in a position and you know it, don’t hold on to it because of territorialism, you are being a detriment to your church or job. Be conscious enough to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and try your best to operate within them.

There are probably tons of more “Dont’s” that I have, but here are a few that I hope you Don’t do!!


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