You Have No Heart

Have you ever met someone that you thought was heartless?

How would you describe that person, would you use words like “cold” or “emotionless”.

Very recently in my prayer life, and in life in general, as it was pertaining to God and ministry, I started to feel those very things about my own life. I could use the words, cold, dead, and emotionless to describe my spiritual life, my ministry passions and my overall demeanor. I would have small sparks of passion in the midst of my everyday, but it was more often the exception than it was the rule.

As I have been on a journey of soul searching and what has brought me to this place, I feel like God has been speaking to me very clearly, somewhere along the way, I started living from my mind instead of my heart. I’m not sure any more if I got hurt, or caught up in sin, or just reasoned myself into it, but I stopped living from my heart, because living from your mind seems much less painful.

I think God puts very clear passions, hopes and dreams in our heart, and if we are not careful, this world that we live in will encourage us to reason things away, and start to make decisions based on logic, and reason, with no actual passion, heart or desire involved. So for now, I’m on a journey back to living from my heart, and praying, as the lyrics from the song “Power of Your Name” speak

I will live to carry His compassion

to love a world that’s broken

to be His hands and feet

and I will give with the life that I’ve been given

to go beyond religion, and see the world be changed,

by the power of His name

So this post is just thoughts and hopefully encouragement for someone who may be in the same place of on the same journey.  I’m sure there will be many more to come, not necessarily based on theology or thoughts, but pure heart and passion!


4 thoughts on “You Have No Heart

  1. I love your humble spirit, your transparency as your ability to look deep within and analyze your relationship with your Creator… God has not called us to be perfect, but to be true to oneself! I love that we can sit and have conversations about the spiritual and about the provision God has without either one of us feeling insecure. I love that we get to learn from one another each day in our relationship with Him, together. So blessed to have my, equally yoked, best friend as my husband. ~H.B.

  2. Thank you, Pastor Cory. I believe we’ve all been guilty of this from time to time. I am challenged to examine my heart today…

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