Science is a new religion!

I watched Expelled the other night, a documentary about  the proposal of intelligent design as another theory in the scientific community. I was a bit skeptical about watching it, after watching “Religulous” with Bill Maher being a seemingly one sided documentary, but this documentary was rather scientific in it’s approach.

The one Surprising part of the documentary to me was the intolerance of some or most of these scientists to even entertain the theory of intelligent design. It seemed that these scientists were treating science as a doctrine, or religion on it’s own. The attitudes of many of these scientists seemed extremely volatile towards anything that questioned, (pardon the oxymoronic nature of this statement) the theory that was fact, to them (Darwinism)

I like to think that I am fairly open minded, that many things are not explained in the bible, so I could be open to the idea that God used evolution, or that dinosaurs existed, or whatever, but what I do find hard to believe that based on the definition of Science “knowledge, as of facts or principles; knowledge gained bysystematic study” that one “Theory” can be so adamantly defended and another completely written off without much, if any actual viewing of the theories and evidence at all.

Science, is by its very nature is a process that is always open to new thoughts, ideas, and theories. What it seems, watching this documentary is that Science and the scientists involved have adopted a “doctrine” which goes against they very nature, of what science is all about. Just my opinion, but I would encourage you to watch it for yourself, and let me know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Science is a new religion!

  1. I will have to watch that. But a usual it sounds like good fodder for a great conversation with the closed minded scientific types.

  2. Good to see that a Pastor is open minded to secular views and Science! What is happening to our churches today! True Men of God that believe the Bible word for word are hard to find! I pray for this great nation!

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