The Power or a Whisper – Bill Hybels

I recently have been given the opportunity to advance read and blog about a few books, one of those books, is called, The power of a Whisper, by Bill Hybels

Overall I think this book is an amazing read, I love to hear from Bill as he shares his personal stories on the journey he has traveled and hearing the whispers of God along the way, he tells a story that I feel I can relate to.

I have heard God whisper in my own life, and I think too often as Christians, and even more so as pastors, we can fill our lives with so much “noise” whether it’s from other churches, leaders, or how-to books, that we fail to take time to hear the still small whisper of God in our lives.

Overall, this book has been a great read and reminder for people from all walks of life, that we need to set aside time, get quiet, and seek Him, for the whispers.


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