Wisdom and Learning

I have been talking to numerous people over the past couple of weeks, and an ongoing theme in our conversations has been “Wisdom” most of the people I have chatted with have face frustration over hard headed people that will not listen to the advice of ones who have been down that road.

The way I see it, the are 2 ways to learn a lesson,

1. By listening to and Learning from the wisdom of others.

2. By learning from your own mistakes.

The first way is much less painful personally, but takes much more humility, which I am quickly discovering is grossly lacking in todays society. Where is the culture of apprenticing and mentoring that we used to have, and respect for those that have gone down the road we are headed on. But without an attitude of humility, we won’t learn, and we have to move on to learning by the second way.

Learning from your own mistakes can be extremely painful, but often times is the only way some people will learn. I can equate this to the parable of the sower, sometimes as a leader, pastor, or just someone trying to give good advice, you have to recognize when you are scattering seed on rock or among thorns, if so, by trying to convince someone that doesn’t care of your point, is nothing but a waste of time, that’s where discernment and prayer come in.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on debating with someone who is obviously not listening.


One thought on “Wisdom and Learning

  1. we learn everyday but the thing we forget to realize that we need to listen and think before we reply. Humility is a thing of the past today is a me me me society which we can only blame ourselves for. I’m not really sure how to go about fixing it either, i believe you’re on the right track though

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