You know, over the years my son Ethan has been tested and tested over and over again for symptons, chromosome malformations, Autistic tendencies, and developmental delays. We have never received a solid diagnosis from any doctor we have seen, we have heard many “Non-Typical” statements and others have said he is “Autistic Like“, some have mentioned Smith Magenis Syndrome, but upon testing of chromosomes it was inconclusive. Krystal and I have fought, cried, prayed, got angry, been overjoyed and experienced a different type of life through the past 6 years with our “Non-Typically Developing” son.

What we haven’t done though, is given up, many parents would and have given up, and while it’s not as acceptable to give up on your kids, many special needs couples give up on each other, they find it too hard to focus on their spouse and their child, so they choose what they think is the easy route of divorce so they will have one less thing to worry about. Over our past 6 Years Krystal and I have been in ministry and raised a special needs son, the divorce rates when you combine the two are staggering! But that’s something we haven’t done!

What we have done, is drawn together as a couple and brought out the special qualities that our son does have, and try to accentuate them, and not box our son into a “Typical” worldview, you know, the more I think of it, another word for “Typical” is Boring, who wants their child to be that. Our son has some extreme gifts and talents, NO his gifts aren’t “Typical” they are what I like to call “Extraordinary” and while it’s not the normal suburban american life that everyone expects, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


8 thoughts on ““Typical”

  1. Praying always for you guys along this journey! Ethan is so adorable and we love him! Blessings, Terri (and Chris) Roy and the kiddoes: Lauren, Jordan, and Ashley 🙂

  2. This child is definitely not typical but amazing…… he has such a sweet spirit and is so loving….. I am blessed to have been his “Monday night mama” for a season and truly enjoyed all of the times spent with him and Bryton. They are both blessings for sure and are as special as they come …..we love all of you.

  3. Cory, thanks for a transparent look into your lives. Ethan is such a blessing. He may not be typical, but he is fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image. You, Krystal, your marriage, and your precious family are an amazing example of God’s faithfulness in trials.

    If I can help you guys in any way (especially with Ethan’s transition into school, etc), please let me know. I’m here for you!!

  4. He has the extraordinary gift of unconditional love without prejudice. Who cares that they (guinea pig pokers) can’t put his shape into a square box. He is too cool to be square! And he is not too cool to express his love for his new best friend kanaan!

    Yea, I freaked out when kanaan was born because he was not normal. It took me a little time to remember that I never wanted to b normal. I always wanted things that no one else had. I and u are so blessed to be in the elite class of kids. Always here for u bro!

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