I was the second child in my family, I have 1 older brother, 3 years older than me, and I was always the more accident prone of us two, which earlier in my life resulted in numerous wounds and scars on the different parts of my body. As I have grown older, the scars have healed, through time and the proper care, some have healed better than others, and some I don’t even think about any more unless they happen to catch my eye and remind me of the time in my life when the wound happened. I have a large scar on my knee, from an incident where I was climbing up some rocks to go to a friends house and it sliced my knee open, my dad bandaged it up and told me to keep my knee stable for a few weeks, it actually needed stitches and years later, we even talked about cutting the scar again and stitching up so it could heal properly.

It’s funny in life that God created our bodies very similar to our emotions in that way, emotionally, we all have wounds, and we all have a litany of past wounds that remind us of things, both good and bad, things that we’ve learned from and things that we want to forget. What I have learned though is any time as a kid when I got wounded and didn’t address the wound, later in life, the scar it left would be that much worse, and possibly even have to be reopened so it could heal properly. Even though in the moment when we are wounded, all we can focus on is the pain, if we fail to address it, we will be left with a worse scar than if we cared for it properly.

Where many people go wrong, is they walk as a wounded person, and let the wounds of life define their personality and actions instead of letting God as our creator define us. I think a tactic of the devil is to get us so focused on the pain of our past wounds that we want to live our lives too scared to be wounded again, and that causes you to live a life defeated. Learn from your wounds, but don’t let them rule your actions, there is a phrase that I like to live by, that basically tells your wounds to shove it, it’s simply this.

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth” – Mark Twain


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