21 Day Fast – DAY 7 – September 4, 2011


Keith Boyer, Lead Pastor of Crossroads Church


What has God put in your “heart”? Jesus said that my heart determines why I say the things I do. Solomon said that my heart determines why I act the way I do.

We’ve all heard phrases like, “She really has a big heart” or “He has a heart of gold”. How about this one, “Just follow your heart!”? What does that mean? Most people would interpret that to mean, follow your emotional instincts or gut.

Scripture presents it a little differently. The Hebrew word for “heart” is “lebab” and has more to do with our mind and thinking than our emotions and feelings. Maybe that’s why Solomon said, “Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” (PROV. 4:23)

Here’s the point…what we think about and believe at the center of our existence, will determine the outcome of our lives! Fill your heart (mind) with truth, guard it and then follow it. It’s the path to life and success in God’s eyes!

Bible Reading: Philippians 4


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