21 Day Fast – Day 9 – September 6, 2011

Expect the Best

Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation Church

I was recently having a conversation with someone and at one point they casually pulled out the classic saying, “expect the worst and hope for the best.” I know the heart behind this phrase. I know it means that we should prepare contingencies in case our plans fail.

But still, what a horrible saying.

The problem with it is that it misunderstands the very nature of expectation. Expectation is a form of faith. It’s the belief that what you’re hoping for is actually going to happen. Not your backup plan to take care of yourself in case it doesn’t.

You can’t hope for the best if you’re having faith for the worst.

You can’t hope to get the job you desperately need if you’re expecting to get turned down.
You can’t hope that your kids are going to become world-changers if you’re expecting them to fail.
You can’t hope that God is going to restore your marriage if you’re expecting it to be done forever.

This isn’t just a new spin on the power of positive thinking. Expectation springing from faith can be found throughout the Bible.

David expected God to enable him to defeat Goliath. He did.
Elijah expected God to give him victory over the prophets of Baal. He did.
Daniel expected God to see him through the pit of lions. He did.

Obviously our expectations shouldn’t be built merely on wishful feelings or selfish desires. But on the steadfast promises and proven character of God. We have expectations for the future because of what God has said and done in the past.

We expect God to fight for us because He did it for His people repeatedly in the Old Testament. We expect God to provide for us if we give generously and sacrificially .because He has promised to do it.

So expect the best. Hope for the best. And don’t be surprised when you get the best

Bible Reading:  James 5


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