21 Day Fast – DAY 10 – September 7, 2011


Seth McRae, Crossroads Vancouver Campus Pastor


So I was out making my daily pilgrimage to Starbucks…ordering what I always had…tall iced mocha no whip. Now a little disclaimer here…normally the service at Starbucks is flawless… it’s the reason I love Starbucks so much!  Yet on this day…it just wasn’t happening… as my order got totally botched. Now while that threw me off a bit, it’s what happened next that threw me for a loop.  See rather than simply telling me “tough luck”…he made another drink the exact way I ordered it, and then on top of it gave me an additional drink on the house.  Talk about making my day.


Too often when we blow it, let’s be honest….we like to distance ourselves from it as much as possible, gloss over or cover over it.  Sometimes we blow it big enough that we know there is no escape from it…so we might man up enough to squeek out the words “I’m sorry” or “forgive me.”  Yet I sometimes wonder if when Jesus spoke in terms of “forgiveness”…if he didn’t have something more like this baristas actions in mind…more than simply trite words of apology.  Don’t get me wrong…while there is power in our words…and certainly when we blow it  we need to start with the words “I’m sorry” or “forgive me”  remember…it’s just that…a start.

When we’re willing to go beyond words when we blow it…we do more than make things better…we create an opportunity to make someone’s day.

Look we’re all going to blow it at times…we’re going to say things to a loved one we regret, we’re going to overlook something at work, we’re even going to mess up on someone’s drink order at times…it happens.  Yet next time it happens, what if running from it…you owned it?  If instead of simply saying “sorry” you saw an opportunity to do the unexpected, to go beyond words, and make someone’s day?

I think this is what Jesus was getting at in Luke 6, that we would be as watchful of our reactions as we are of our actions when it comes to living out our faith.


Bible Reading: Luke 6:27-36


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