21 Day Fast – DAY 12 – September 9, 2011


Cory Bolduc

Crossroads Winnebago Campus Pastor


Cowboys and Indians-Cops and Robbers-Pirates and Sailors-Good Guys and Bad
Guys, from an early age, little boys understand the idea of conquering
something and facing an adversary.

One of the most fun things I have been teaching my boys lately, is the idea
of conquering, or reaching a goal. My youngest turned four in January and the
other day we were hiking through the feilds, he wanted to play follow the
leader, and He was the leader,(he made that very clear). It felt so great to be
behind him and to encourage him when he reached a point where he thought he
couldn’t go on.

While I walked behind him occasionally he would see a few big rocks or a
fallen tree in the path where he was going, he would stop and look back and say
“daddy help” and all I had to do was encourage him, and tell him to be careful
but he could do it. His face would literally light up each time he conquered
his task. While we were walking with no apparent goal, I saw a big tree that
was fairly close and told him our goal was to reach that tree, and in typical
boyish fashion, when he reached it he looked back with such a proud face and
said “beat ya”.

I can’t tell you how much I have learned about God from being a father
myself. I know we will always have adversaries in our lives, and we always wish
to conquer that which is in front of us. Isn’t our heavenly father like that?
So often He is behind us, encouraging us throughout our trials, where we face a
situation that looks impossible in our own strength, and He whispers to us “You
can do it” and it gives us the confidence to keep pressing on, and when we
conquer something, it builds our faith, both in God and in ourselves.

I pray that daily, we continue to seek God for encouragement, for leading,
guiding and directing us where He wants us to go, and for checking our pride,
so that we won’t be the ones that when we conquer a task that couldn’t have
been done without God’s help, we don’t reach our goal, look back and say, “beat


Bible Reading: Romans 12



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