Gods and Gold Medals

Over the past few weeks, there has been much fanfare and adulation over the Olympics in London, Billions of dollars have been spent on competitions, tickets, merchandise, Gold, Silver and Bronze to make the medals, and in 2 weeks, it will all be over, months will go by and memories will fade, medals will tarnish, names will be forgotten and society will move on to the next bit of hype or news that hits the scene.

Olympics aside, when you sift through all the hype on Facebook and Twitter, is a pretty good indicator of what people idolize or worship, what consumes you most can often inadvertently become your object of worship.

Here are some of the common objects of worship I see on Facebook and Twitter:

  • Negativity – Posts constantly pointing out everything bad.
  • Euphoria – Head in the clouds posts about everything being sunshine and roses.
  • Spouse/Significant other – Every breath comes from the person of their affection.
  • Themselves – Me Monsters all about them and what they’ve accomplished. Retweeting tweets from others about how awesome they are. (I do understand on the very basis of the narcissistic nature of Facebook, this one is extremely popular.)
  • Busyness – They are SLAMMED, constantly and overwhelmed all the time, and everyone should know about it!!!
  • Materialism – Check out what I just bought, sold, inherited etc. Bling Bling Fever.

Now these are just some broad examples, and I’m not assuming to know the heart behind every post I read, but I do know this.

Matthew 12:34 tells us “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” – which in todays society could probably be translated to, “The fingers tweet

This Idolization happened as well with the people of Israel in the book of 2 Kings, this is especially spoken of in chapter 17, where the nations began to worship the very things that the nations before them worshiped that led to God sending them into exile, they fell into the hype of the Pop Culture of that day and they gave all their attention, affection and worship to gods that were created things as opposed to the creator.

So god’s, gold metals, or the Living God, if someone were to look at your Facebook page, what would be your object of worship.

Think about it.

Matthew 13:31 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”


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