Stoppable church

I feel burdened…by the way we view and they way we view church. Somewhere in the past 2000 years, we have stopped being the church…. And we’ve begun watching it. It’s become a spectator sport, with a few athletes doing all the work, and the rest cheering them on.
Some of the athletes have enabled that as well, for a few reasons, probably glory, pride and monetary gain being the biggest of those. The star athletes, or “pastors” and other paid staff, get well paid because they can “attract” a crowd and have people spend their money at our stadium. We have a big service, build hype, watch people spend, but only really applaud the few that are doing anything supernatural, or often, we applaud those that are doing the natural, just something none of us are willing to do. Where is the church? The one that Jesus said would be unstoppable, I feel we are losing it in our society today, we have created a church of watchers, that as long as they continue to come and support the athletes, we won’t challenge them to do or be much more than that. Curious as to where this will lead, and what I can do about it!


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