Watch your mouth!

Something I say fairly consistently to my youngest son, is watch your mouth. I believe treating and speaking to people politely and positively is a fast escaping value.

People just speak their minds, say what they want, and if others can’t handle it…they don’t care. While there is much value to being authentic, there is also biblical warning to the power of our words and the need to tame our tongue.

Honestly, it doesn’t take a genius to point out a problem, or an offense. Anyone can look at a crack in the wall and tell you that something is wrong with it. The real depth of personality comes in figuring out why it’s that way, and how to fix it.

But we often don’t do that, most times we just see the problem, get offended, and talk about it with everyone we know.

Maybe one day, we will learn to seek what the problem is first, watch our mouths, then speak healing over a cracked situation.


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