Who do you follow?

Reading through 1 Corinthians, I found a disturbing theme. Not only disturbing because of what it says, but because of what it points to for today in Christian and American culture.

There is much contention among the Corinthian church as to who’s gospel is better, Appolos, James, Paul and on and on. The church is puffed up, and divided over who they heard the gospel from, who their teacher was. As I am reading this I’m thinking to myself, man, I would not want to be a part of a church like that, how divided and childish. Then it hit me!

I am! I am a part of a church like that. The Christian church in America is the very same way. We all claim Christ, but are divided by our denominations and interpretations. Even more so we get arrogant about what we believe. We get spiritually puffed up because we believe in the gift of tongues and treat it as some secret knowledge that others aren’t privy to, not realizing that by that very action we have turned what we do into a cult.

Not only are we separated by denominations but we have the Faith movement, and the prayer movement, and the Charismatic Movement, and the evangelical movement among non denominational and denominational churches, we divide ourselves even in our effort to preserve unity. We wear the flag of our church, or exalt the name of our leader, I go to Joel Osteens church or I listen to TD Jakes and we use it as some identifier of how we believe. I have been guilty of it myself, because so often, our culture elevates leadership above discipleship, church brotherhood above servant hood.

Drop all the extras…I’m Cory, a follower of Jesus Christ. Period.


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