The Rock

I was reminded this week, and encouraged, by a message I heard. The message was by no means the best I had ever heard, the delivery, as far as that goes, was ok. But the truth within the message was glaring, inspiring and a good reminder for me, in my life as a Christ follower.

When Jesus was walking with his disciples, he asked them, who do people say I am? The speculation began, some people say a prophet, and on and on. Then Jesus asked an important question, and I think the question speaks as loudly as the answer that was given. He said “Who do you say I am”?

How often do we get so caught up in who other people say Jesus is, that we forget who He is to us? We listen to the message of pop culture or religious culture, and we form our view of Christ and Christianity based on that, as opposed to basing it on our testimony, basing it off of what a Christ has done for us.

We forget the fact that we have received forgiveness for our sins, eternal and victorious life, freedom from our past and addictions, that we are given the Holy Spirit to be our comforter, and guide, that He will lead us into all truth, and our most vital job is to recognize, and obey, what God is calling us to.

But we forget, and we focus on the press clippings of Christianity and without even realizing, we find ourselves repeating things about Christ that we know are not true, but we’ve paid so much attention to the media, that we have forgotten to ask ourselves, the one simple question that Jesus asked of His disciples, who do you say I am.

So who is He to you?


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