Have you ever played Kerplunk

It;s a game where you fill a tube up with marbles, and there are a bunch of sticks holding the marbles up. The object of the game is to pull sticks out strategically so that the marbles dont drop when you pull your stick out.

As i was thinking about that game this past week, i began to think of how we live our lives so often, we dance around with danger or sin in our lives, hoping that the marbles don’t drop and it doesn’t make a mess.

We pull sticks out, by lashing out in anger, dabbling in pornography, crossing boundaries with members of the opposite sex, getting drunk, doing drugs, or even less deliberate things like getting to wrapped up in emotion and life on facebook, or instagram and letting that affect our self worth.

We do these things with a bit of anxiety in our gut, but when we pull out the stick, and see that the marbles are still there, and all is ok, we completely ignore the damage that is being done, the anxiety has gone away, but the weakening of our image, marriage or self control has already happened.

The reason we keep seeking these things is usually twofold, we’re struggling with knowing who we are in Christ, we’re trying to dull the pain of something in our past, or both.

One way we can get healing in these areas in our lives is to invite the Holy Spirit to reveal us those incomplete or unhealed places in our lives, show them to us, and help us see how to go about healing them.

When he does, we will stop having to worry about the issues we cause, by pulling sticks out of our foundation, and we will be much less likely to have to clean up a mess of marbles, because of our own doing.



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